The Champlain Regional Stroke Network offers our sincere thanks to the following individuals who have generously agreed to share the stories of their stroke journeys with us.

Eric Robert's Stroke Journey

Eric is a self-employed massage therapist, who is married and has two children. Eric experienced his first of three strokes in December 2009 at age 37. At the time, his spouse was pregnant with their first child. Read Eric's story

 Jim White's Stroke Journey

Jim vividly remembers the Sunday afternoon in the middle of November 2019 when he experienced his stroke. He was standing at the kitchen counter preparing lunch for work the next day. He heard a loud buzzing in his left ear, felt weak and was unable to continue standing. Read Jim's story



Erana Pille's Stroke Journey

On April 3, 2017, three months before her 50th birthday, Erana Pille had a stroke. Erana was finishing work and suddenly lost all sensation on the left side of her body. Read Erana's story

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