Aphasia Centre of Ottawa

Aphasia is an acquired communication disorder. A person with aphasia may find it difficult to speak, understand spoken words, read, and/or write.

The Aphasia Centre of Ottawa is a community-based centre providing unique services dedicated to long-term speech-language therapy, counselling, advocacy and empowerment for people with aphasia and their families.

Aphasia can happen at any age. Aphasia is often invisible. People with aphasia are intelligent and capable and need to be heard.  See the website for information on their programs and services.


Community Exercise Classes

Free virtual (online) community exercise classes for stroke survivors within the Champlain region. All fitness levels welcome! The program includes aerobic exercise, balance, strengthening and stretching components. Exercises can be modified for sitting or standing. This is a collaborative effort by Family Physiotherapy, Heart Wise Exercise at the Ottawa Heart Institute and the Champlain Regional Stroke Network, funded through Home and Community Care Support Services Champlain. (Offered in English only at this time). See the flyer for more information on how to join.


Champlain Community Support Network 

Champlain Community Support Network is a bilingual network of non-profit agencies that offer support to older adults and adults with disabilities, enabling them to live safely and independently at home. CCSN’s online platform,, offers a simple way to access local community support services. Refer yourself or a loved one, or work with your health care provider to connect with the services you need. Many of the services offered are appropriate for stroke survivors and their loved ones who provide care. Visit to learn more about community support services available and to get connected with the agency nearest you.


City of Ottawa - Acquired Brain Injury/Post-Stroke Program

The City of Ottawa Acquired Brain Injury/Post-Stroke Program has developed a therapeutic recreation and life skills day program. Participants have an opportunity to work on meaningful goals through social, physical, and cognitive activities. Programs run September through June. The cost is pro-rated when you join. Read about the post-stroke programs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the new  ABI Link program on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


Connected Canadians

Connected Canadians is a national non-profit organization connecting older adults with technology training and support. Volunteers with a high comfort level in technology are paired with senior clients. Working side-by-side, either one-on-one or in group workshops, they tackle clients’ various technology challenges, frequently learning together in real time. Learn how to access this free support to help you navigate an increasingly virtual world. 


March of Dimes - After Stroke Program

After Stroke is a personalized stroke recovery program that helps survivors and their families navigate the path forward after a stroke. If you’re impacted by stroke, we’re here to help. Call the After Stroke Warmline at 1-888-540-6666 and your call will be returned within 3 business days.  Connect with the After Stroke program

The After Stroke program also offers regular online activities to connect you with other stroke survivors. See the list of programs available.


Seniors' Centre Without Walls

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (SCWW) is a free interactive telephone-based program that connects seniors 55+, as well as adults 18+ with disabilities. Using group telephone calls, SCWW provides a rich line-up of health-related information from professionals in the community, later-life learning opportunities, participation in brain-stimulating activities, and most of all, the space to create meaningful friendships and community for those who may feel isolated. It is a seniors’ centre from the comfort of home!  See the schedule of activities for May to August, 2022


Peer Support Groups

Peer support groups provide the opportunity to share ideas, information, and coping methods with others dealing with the experience of stroke. Both stroke survivors and their care partners can benefit from these groups.

The Renfrew County Group meets monthly in Pembroke. Contact Alice Grenon at 613 732 3949 ext. 1118

Stroke Survivors Support Ottawa is not actively meeting at this time but offers a Stroke Support Line at 613-604-2409. Leave a message to receive a callback.  You can also see their active Facebook page. 

The Eastern Ontario Stroke Survivor Support Group is located in Cornwall, Ontario. Contact Deena Dufresne at 613-936-8784 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.

The Alexandria Area Life After Stroke Support Group meets at Hôpital Glengarry Memorial Hospital (Alexandria). The cost of parking is covered. For more information telephone 613-935-4382, see the Alexandria Area Life After Stroke Support Group flyer, or visit the Facebook page.


The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has set up two Facebook groups: one for those who are living with the effects of heart disease or stroke and the other for their care supporters.  These are members-only groups that provide people with a safe and respectful place to share experiences and to support one another. Find out more at the Power of Community webpage


The Aphasia Centre of Ottawa is dedicated to long-term support for people affected by aphasia. They take a family-focused approach where the relationship between the person with aphasia and their closest contacts is the priority. They support people with aphasia in all aspects of community and family life. Visit the Aphasia Centre of Ottawa website for more information.  



Created by the Stroke Foundation, a national charity in Australia, the EnableMe website is dedicated to stroke recovery and support. There are tips, tricks, and tools that have been shared by other stroke survivors, as well as a Community Forum for discussion. Their website is: Visit the Stroke Foundation website to learn more. 

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