The Mental Health Impact of Stroke on Women
Mardi 21 Novembre 2023, 12:00pm - 01:00pm
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Unseen, Unheard: The mental health impact of stroke on women
Stroke Month Webinar 2023 (English) Presented by the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada
Date & Time: Tues, Nov 21, 2023 12:00 PM EST
Stroke disproportionately affects women –women have worse outcomes after stroke, more women are living with the effects of stroke and women face more challenges as they recover. Stroke Month this year was focused specifically on the impact of stroke on women. This live panel discussion will take a deeper dive into how mental health can impact the experiences and recovery of women following stroke. Post-stroke mental health issues are reported to affect up to 30% to 60% of people in the first year after experiencing a stroke. Of equal concern is the large number of family members and informal caregivers who also may also experience mental health challenges during this time. Due to the disproportionate effects of stroke on women, it is important to raise awareness and understand their unique experiences, and to provide tools and resources that may aid in recognition, assessment, recovery, and self-management. The purpose of this webinar is to provide healthcare providers and women with lived experience practical tools and resources in order to promote better health outcomes for women after stroke. 
Dr Abe Snaiderman, MD, FRCPC, Director, Neuropsychiatry Clinic, Brain and Spinal Cord Program Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. 
Rebecca Morrison, RN Person With Lived Experience of Stroke  
Katherine Isaac Person With Lived Experience of Stroke 
Patrice Lindsay, RN PhD, Lead, PWLE Engagement and Stroke Strategies, Heart & Stroke 
StephanieTesseyman, Specialist, Lived Experience Engagement and Support (LEES)
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