The role of a Stroke Prevention Clinic (SPC) is to ensure that individuals who are at high risk for stroke receive evidence-based care founded on best practices. Stroke Prevention Clinics provide an integrated, comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to stroke prevention.  Their main objectives are to reduce delays and inefficiencies in risk factor management of high-risk patients and to facilitate timely access to interventions.

Prevention teams can include stroke neurologists, physicians with stroke expertise, stroke prevention nurse experts, and administrative assistants. Investigations and laboratory procedures are available. Both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions are provided to high-risk individuals and persons with stroke.

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***Disclaimer: Any patient who has experienced symptoms of a stroke or TIA within the
last 48 hours should be directed to the nearest emergency department for brain imaging.***

Want to refer a patient?

The Champlain Stroke Prevention Clinics are now live on the Ocean eReferral Network.  We encourage you to consider taking advantage of this Ministry of Health-funded initiative which is free for both senders and receivers. It greatly simplifies and streamlines the referral management process as it provides a more effective means to submit, process, and track referrals over the traditionally paper-based Fax referral process. Referrals received through this mechanism will be consistently clearer and comprehensive and will provide an improved ability to communicate more effectively and efficiently with both the referring providers and patients. You can contact the local support team for additional information on eReferral and for assistance with their easy onboarding process at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The Ottawa Hospital SPCAccess the OCEAN e-referral form for TOH or use the fillable PDF referral form 

Cornwall Community Hospital SPC – Access the OCEAN eReferral form or use the fillable PDF referral form

Pembroke Hospital SPC – Access the Ocean eReferral form for Pembroke, or use the fillable PDF referral form

Queensway Carleton Hospital SPC– only accepts patients referred from their own emergency department

 ***Referrals are accepted from medical doctors and nurse practitioners only.

Criteria for patient referral:

  • Patients who have experienced symptoms of a stroke or TIA and have not been assessed by a neurologist for this event
  • Patients who have concerning risk factors
  • Quebec patients are accepted if the referral is sent by an emergency department physician or a specialist


Doctor checking ptTimely initiation of secondary prevention interventions has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of a major stroke. Learn more about Stroke Prevention for Primary Care Physicians.

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